leaning into change

I’ve been teaching the MBAs today so I’m pretty wiped out at this point – so I’ll let Seth Godin do the work for me tonight. I’ve watched this twice in two days now – and Seth is, as usual, right on target. His stated objective is to show people how to lean into change, rather than simply cope with it, or survive it.

This is an essential part of all this recent talk about business models. Godin talks about how he sold his 10 books, and he has some great ideas about how to build successful business models in an industry that is struggling a bit right now. One of the key points is that publishing is all about getting ideas to spread, and the books don’t really do that. By the time you get the book, the idea is already out there. Consequently, books are souvineers of a discussion that you’ve already had (and enjoyed!). To put this in the terms that I’ve been using recently, you have to be clear about the benefit that you are providing your readers – that’s the only way to create an idea that will be replicated. Definitely worth 20 minutes of your time.

The video only seems to work intermittently. If you have trouble, read the original post for some tips on how to get the video going…

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