Some Innovations Are Detrimental: Exhibit A “The Vuvuzala”

I look forward to the football (soccer in Australia) world cup when it comes around, particularly when Australia qualifies or the Dutch are doing well. This time it’s been a slightly unhappy experience – not just because the Australians got thumped by Germany but also due to the constant drone that comes through my TV like a swarm of angry wasps. It turns out that the noise is due to an African innovation called the vuvuzala which is a long plastic trumpet. It’s cheap, lightweight and very loud, which makes it the perfect instrument for supporters. Good luck to the entrepreneur who invented it because it’s a nearly perfect piece of design.

I’m just not sure how long I can keep watching without turning the sound off. Apparently the television networks who have paid a fortune to cover the cup are also trying to develop a ‘vuvuzala filter’ at great expense.

Today I found this Australian tribute to the Vuvuzala on You Tube. I hope you enjoy it.

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