Vote for Three Good Innovation Bloggers

Braden Kelly is running a contest right now to identify the top 40 innovation bloggers at his site Blogging Innovation. The site itself is a great resource – it compiles the best posts from a long list of innovation bloggers, publishing 3-4 high quality posts per day. It’s worth checking out if you haven’t already.

You should go to take a look at the voting page for two reasons. The first is that it has a pretty good list of people that are currently writing regularly about innovation (though we somehow managed to miss nominating Jorge Barba – a major oversight). So if you’re interested in our blog, you’ll most likely be interested in a lot of the people that are writing there as well.

The second reason to go there within the next 24 hours or so is that if you vote for someone, you can win one of the long list of great innovation-related prizes.

Right now, it looks like the the leading vote-getters are people that have been campaigning, which is a bit disappointing. Three people that deserve your vote based on quality are:

  • Andrea Meyer: Here Working Knowledge is a great source of case studies, and good discussion of the practical aspects of managing innovation.
  • Jeffrey Phillips: Innovate on Purpose is for me the most consistently interesting innovation blog around. Jeffrey’s views on innovation are spot-on.
  • Stefan Lindegaard: 15Inno is a fantastic source of information about open innovation (as is Stefan’s book The Open Innovation Revolution), and his latest entries on thought leadership are also very interesting.

So drop by Blogging Innovation, find some new resources, and vote. And good luck with those prizes.

Note: The voting is closed now – here are the results. John and I both managed some votes – thanks very much to everyone that voted for us!

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