My Thoughts on Silicon Valley + blog under construction


The blog will be under construction this weekend as I work with Todd Lohenry from e1evation to upgrade the site. Todd does fantastic work, and I recommend him highly.

In the meantime, the latest online update to the UQ Business School’s Momentum magazine includes an interview with my discussing my thoughts about my recent trip to Silicon Valley.

Here is an excerpt:

What can we learn from Silicon Valley?

When it comes to risk, business is used to thinking: ‘if we try this, what will happen?’ This way of thinking must change. The risk of trying something new is easily apparent. Less easy to measure – but more and more important – is the risk of doing nothing.

Standing still in times of constant change is the biggest risk that faces any organization. The risk of doing nothing is growing. The life span of Fortune 500 companies has dropped from 40 to 15 years. Pedigree and longevity are no longer guarantees of future success. The print media industry has learned the hard way what it costs to ignore innovation in your industry.

It’s a lesson other industries can learn from. The education sector is an area of great entrepreneurial interest and activity. Universities who believe an 800 year old pedigree is going to save them are naïve. Universities must join the innovation and experiment with the future if they hope to be part of it.

If you’d like to read the rest, head on over to the Momentum site.

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