Strategic Reviews and the Four Envelopes of CEOs


  It is a fact of corporate life that CEOs get fired from time to time. Besides firm performance problems, the stories surrounding these events usually outline a pattern of management problems including leadership, personal style, culture & communication issues, boardroom dissension, clashes with major shareholder and so on. If you want a good example […]

Strategy Outside the Zone of Mediocrity

Hardly a year goes by without several new books that ambitiously outline ‘the recipe’ for organisational success. Somewhat less frequently, someone focuses on what constitutes good or bad strategy and what part strategy plays in recipes for success. It’s tempting to believe that we can quickly distinguish between good and bad strategy, especially when we’re […]

Strategy in the Zone of Mediocrity

Several years ago I had a discussion with an MBA class on how to recognise good or bad strategy. After a lot of consideration their conclusion was….. good strategy works, it delivers the numbers, bad strategy doesn’t. I attempted to point out some issues in their response, especially that it precluded assessing strategy in advance […]

Leading Strategic Conversations

The relationship between strategy, leadership and organisational performance continues to be an area of major interest for practitioners, academics and the business media.  For example, the recent and untimely death of Steve Jobs has sparked a wave of interest in into his leadership characteristics and their links to Apple’s strategy and performance. As a strategist, […]