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New Cat Bed

Things Don’t Always Go According to Plan

Things don’t always go the way we plan – and if we’re innovating, we shouldn’t expect them to. Here are some ideas for coping with this.

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The Secret is That There is No Secret

Here’s the secret to innovation: there are no secrets. The only way to get better at innovating is to do the work – get better at experimenting.

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subduction zone

We’re Not Risk-Averse, We’re Variance-Averse

When people say that their organisations are risk-averse, often they actually mean that they are variance-averse. This causes problems over the long-term, but experimenting and innovation can help you avoid these problems.

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The Void

Writers Write, and Innovators Innovate

Should “innovation” only be used to refer to big, world-changing ideas? No. This is actually a dangerous approach to innovating. The biggest hurdle is actually getting started – it’s more important to put effort into that.

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Construction Drone

When Should We Adopt a New Idea?

When new ideas arrive, it might be easy to see that they will eventually win. But when should you adopt these ideas? It’s a hard question to answer.

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Lessons From My Latest Big Mistake

Mistakes are fine, as long as we learn from them. Here is what I learned from one of my recent ones – about, ironically, a friend of mine that teaches us how to think better!

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Reading Rates

Your Assumptions About Reading Are Wrong

The percentage of people reading books these days might surprise you. Identifying our false assumptions can lead to huge innovation opportunities.

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Are You About to be Disrupted?

Is technology about to disrupt your market? Chunka Mui and Paul B. Carroll think so, and they have some good suggestions about how to respond.

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Gini Index

The Role of Innovation in Economic Growth & Inequality

Innovation drives economic growth, but the relationship between innovation and inequality is much less clear. It is possible to be an innovative country with low levels of inequality.

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How to Succeed in a TL;DR Culture

TL;DR – when attention spans get shorter, we can either accommodate this by going short ourselves, or we can do the opposite and go deep.

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How to change a habit

Don’t Set Goals, Make New Habits Instead

It’s not enough to want to innovate more. We have to build the habits that will help us take the daily actions that will achieve this goal.

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Swee Waxbill

Get Better Ideas by Paying Attention

People always tell us “pay attention.” What do we get in return for this payment? If we do it right, we can get better ideas – it’s actually an awfully good deal.

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