How to Use Polarity Management to Support Innovation

You Need Both Execution and Innovation to Succeed

What are polarities?

To be a successful organisation, we need the skills to both find and execute new ideas. These two skill-sets often seem to be opposites. However, it is much more productive to think of them as a polarity – an interdependent set of skills which are both simultaneously necessary for success.

How to Design for Outcomes

NeoNurture Incubator

If we want to change the world, it’s not enough to have great ideas. We also have to have the managerial skills needed to execute our ideas. The baby incubator from Design that Matters is a great case study showing the obstacles we face.

The Innovator’s Hypothesis: Michael Schrage Tells Us How to Take the First Step


“The Googles, Amazons, Apples, Netflixes, and Capital Ones … don’t insist on performing lots of interesting experiments because they’re rich; they’re rich because they insist on performing lots of interesting experiments.”

There’s No Low-Hanging Fruit in Innovation


Innovation efforts often start by looking for quick wins. The problem is that quick wins don’t solve tough problems, and solving tough problems is what leads to competitive advantage. We’re better off by going after the tough problems first.

Innovation Thoughts on Zero to One by Peter Thiel

explore versus exploit

How do we build things that move society forward? That is the core question addressed in Zero to One by Peter Thiel and Blake Masters.  I finished the book today, and here are some key quotes (in bold) and my thoughts on them. Of course, it’s easier to copy a model than to make something […]

How to Know When Your Great Idea is Ready for the World


Great new ideas usually need great new business models to work. The Technology Readiness Level and the Investment Readiness Level are two tools that you can use to help you get your great new idea ready for the world.