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Can Big Firms Pivot?

Can large firms pivot? There are examples of firms that have, but not a lot of them. It’s a challenging process in the best of times, but they often try to do it in a crisis, which is even tougher. Your best strategy is to start experimenting now.

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We’re Not Risk-Averse, We’re Variance-Averse

When people say that their organisations are risk-averse, often they actually mean that they are variance-averse. This causes problems over the long-term, but experimenting and innovation can help you avoid these problems.

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Ansoff Matrix

Will Your New Idea Work?

If we’re evaluating markets, is it better to start with research or with talking to people? In part, it depends on whether we’re entering a completely new market or not.

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Innovate by Re-Imagining

There are three ways to develop a disruptive innovation: find a 10X performance improvement, innovate the business model, or re-imagination. Here is a case study of how to use design thinking to achieve a radically re-imagined product.

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We Love Chaos

I Have a Great Idea – Now What? Startup Edition

I often have people ask me what they should do with a great idea they have for a business. Here is a list of questions to work through, and resources to help you.

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Value Proposition Canvas

We Don’t Care About Your Features (Create Value Instead)

I’ve seen a lot of startup pitches recently, and it seems like founders are obsessed with features. I don’t care about your features. Tell me how you’re going to create value instead. Here is how to think about that.

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Here is Why Business Model Innovation is Powerful

About 20% of firms based their pricing on real data from their customers. This is mind-boggling – and it present a huge opportunity. Business model innovation is challenging, but that’s why it provides such a great opportunity.

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How Do Digital Tools and Strategy Interact?

Using digital tools correctly isn’t a technical problem – it’s a strategy problem. Digital needs to be part of a well thought-out customer-based strategy. A report from John and colleagues gives some ideas on how to approach this problem.

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Innovation Lessons from the Rise of Tesla Motors

I’m in Palo Alto right now, and electric cars are all over the road. This is a pretty good sign that they are traveling up the innovation diffusion s-curve, and are coming soon to a road near you.

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Food, Connection & Innovation

The startup Thumbtack hired a full-time chef a few years ago, and it transformed their business. It’s a great story of unintended business model innovation that we can learn from.

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Here is Why You Need Business Model Innovation

Business model innovation is relatively easy to do when you’re a startup. But it’s also a really important skill for established firms to build. In this post I discuss why, and how to approach it effectively.

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Do You Really Know What Business You’re In?

In 1993 you needed a phone, a laptop, a camcorder, a palm pilot, a watch, a walkman and a pager to do most of what you can do today with your smartphone. That’s amazing, and there are some important innovation lessons that follow from this.

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