Innovation: Action That Could Be Considered a Ridiculous Error in Judgement

Here are some things I learned from Stan Metcalfe today: We can’t make money by making bets that everyone agrees will pay off. That means that innovative ideas will often look nuts when we first start working on them. Nevertheless, we have to give them a try.

Do You Really Know What Business You’re In?


In 1993 you needed a phone, a laptop, a camcorder, a palm pilot, a watch, a walkman and a pager to do most of what you can do today with your smartphone. That’s amazing, and there are some important innovation lessons that follow from this.

We’re All in the Knowledge Business Now


Many people think that their industry is immune from the disruption that we are seeing in music, news and books. However, we are not too far away from seeing every industry becoming knowledge-based. This has big implications.