If the Internet is a Psychology Experiment, Are You a Psychologist?

We’ve reached a point where startups can base their business model on the rapid testing of multiple prototypes. Scott Adams of Dilbert fame argues that this basically makes starting up a big psychology experiment. If we are in established firms, we need to build some skills to compete in this environment.

Innovation: Are You a Gardener or an Architect?


George R.R. Martin describes two kinds of writers: architects (who plan) and gardeners (who see what emerges). These ideas apply to innovators too. However, instead of embracing one approach over the other, we need to build the skills require to integrate them.

How I Almost Blew My Big Chance by Forgetting Everything I Know About Innovation

the next google

I just started writing for Harvard Business Review Blogs. Here is the story of how I almost blew that opportunity, and how I finally made it work by doing what I already know works: experimenting.