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Who Invented the Computer?

Do you know who invented the computer? Most people don’t – I’m not even sure that there is an answer to that question. The fact that we don’t know tells us a lot about how innovation actually works.

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Innovation Occasions

We Only Need Innovation on Two Occasions

An innovation quip.

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arthur c. clarke prophecy

Innovators: Our Job is to Invent the Future

The ideas that move us forward often seems nuts. But if we’re trying to make a mark on the world, those are the only ideas that will do the job.

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10 years of mobile phones

To Innovate, Amplify Weak Signals

When we try something completely new, people often want to see proof that it will work. Of course, there is no proof if the idea is genuinely new. Instead of proof, we have to rely on weak signals. Successful innovators find these and amplify them.

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Reading Rates

Your Assumptions About Reading Are Wrong

The percentage of people reading books these days might surprise you. Identifying our false assumptions can lead to huge innovation opportunities.

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Are You Hitting Your Top Gear?

Most of us have an extra gear that rarely kicks in. The three obstacles to hitting your top gear are ignorance, apathy and fear – and we need to work through all three to innovate.

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the next google

How I Almost Blew My Big Chance by Forgetting Everything I Know About Innovation

I just started writing for Harvard Business Review Blogs. Here is the story of how I almost blew that opportunity, and how I finally made it work by doing what I already know works: experimenting.

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Best practice

You Can’t Benchmark Your Way to Greatness

Many organisations try to increase innovation by copying the successful techniques of other firms. This rarely works. Instead, you need to develop your purpose first. It’s this underlying philosophy that drives success, not tools.

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Bank With Tweets!

Are You Aiming High Enough?

Every innovative idea has some risk in it. But sometimes, with higher risk we can find unusually high rewards. For a lot of innovators, we need to be aiming higher.

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Alan Kay Quote

How to Grow

If we try to completely protect ourselves from failure, we’ll never learn. And if we don’t learn, we don’t grow. To grow, we have to take risks, and we have to mess up. If we learn from this, we’ll be ok.

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FAKEGRIMLOCK bread or bacon?

The Power of Community

What to Amanda Palmer and WordCamp have in common? Both are built on powerful communities. There are some lessons for business in this.

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The Unknown Knowns of Innovation

We know how to make organisations more innovative, but we don’t act on this knowledge. Why? Sometimes it’s because it’s hard, which isn’t a very good excuse.

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