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Living With Fear

Often we feel that we can’t do something new until we’ve conquered our fears first. The problem is that we never conquer fear – the best we can do is learn to live with it. So how do we get important stuff done?

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The Discipline of Innovation

Five Questions that Will Help You Build an Innovation Culture

How do we innovate in a risk-averse culture? By realising that a culture is something that we create ourselves, through our interactions with people daily. When we change the way we act, we start to change out culture.

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arthur c. clarke prophecy

Innovators: Our Job is to Invent the Future

The ideas that move us forward often seems nuts. But if we’re trying to make a mark on the world, those are the only ideas that will do the job.

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Innovation Lessons from Amazon’s Shareholder Letters

Jeff Bezos’ annual letters to shareholders provide some interesting insights into how Amazon has managed to continue to innovate, even as they’ve grown to become enormous.

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Talk is the Technology of Leadership

There are lots of things that we do unconsciously – like listening and speaking. But talk is the technology of leadership – so we should actually start paying attention to building skills in these activities.

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Is Innovation Part of Your Organisation’s DNA?

I’ve run across four firms that have been wildly successful in a terrible retail environment. All of them share a few characteristics that result from having innovation embedded in their DNA.

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Actually, People Love Change

Do people really hate change? Not if they think it will make their lives better.

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