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Things Don’t Always Go According to Plan

Things don’t always go the way we plan – and if we’re innovating, we shouldn’t expect them to. Here are some ideas for coping with this.

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Where Others See Only Barriers, Innovators See Opportunities

What are your barriers to business success? A study from my colleagues shows that innovators don’t see barriers. Instead, they use obstacles to spur innovations that help them outpace the competition.

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The Difference Between Good and Great

The way to win is to be extremely good at the jobs that are diabolically hard – figure out how to do that, and you’ll do ok.

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3 Parts to Innovation

3 Innovation Triggers: Fear, Fantasy & Frustration

To innovate, we need three things: a great idea, that creates value for people, made real. If we only have two out of the three, then we have an innovation trigger: fear, fantasy or frustration.

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The Innovation Loop

The Innovation Loop

Here is a simple process that will help you innovate more effectively.

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When Should We Adopt a New Idea?

When new ideas arrive, it might be easy to see that they will eventually win. But when should you adopt these ideas? It’s a hard question to answer.

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Innovation Lessons from the Rise, Fall, and Rise of LEGO

After a string of innovation failures, LEGO nearly went out of business in 2003. Brick by Brick tells the story of how this happened, and how LEGO turned things around to become an innovation powerhouse again. There are some broad lessons that can be learned from this story.

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The Discipline of Innovation

My goal here is to help people that are trying to build a better world. I want to help make work more interesting. I hope that we can work together to do that. This is why we need to think of innovation as a discipline.

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The Unknown Knowns of Innovation

We know how to make organisations more innovative, but we don’t act on this knowledge. Why? Sometimes it’s because it’s hard, which isn’t a very good excuse.

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Innovation Lessons from Amazon’s Shareholder Letters

Jeff Bezos’ annual letters to shareholders provide some interesting insights into how Amazon has managed to continue to innovate, even as they’ve grown to become enormous.

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10 Ways to Select Ideas

Most organisations have more than enough ideas, but many struggle to choose the best ideas to pursue. Here are ten methods you can use to improve your idea selection.

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Why You Need to Innovate in Tough Times

It’s natural to try to cut back in tough economic times, and consequently, organisations often cut innovation. This is a mistake. The best results coming out of recessions happen when firms balance short-term and long-term oriented innovation.

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