Innovation Force = Innovation Mass x Acceleration

Pivots and success

When we have a great new idea, we want to move fast with it. But we also want impact, and to get that, we need to make sure that we don’t accelerate before we’ve gotten the idea nailed first.

Is Our Business Model Ready to Launch?

Part 2 in The Lean Startup Series

Investment Readiness Levels

Most new ventures fail because they don’t have enough customers. Unfortunately, entrepreneurs often fail to address this problem, and focus more on getting the product right first. This is a mistake. Lean Startup tools can help you avoid this mistake.

How to Design for Outcomes

NeoNurture Incubator

If we want to change the world, it’s not enough to have great ideas. We also have to have the managerial skills needed to execute our ideas. The baby incubator from Design that Matters is a great case study showing the obstacles we face.

There Must Be Forty Ways to Innovate


Here’s a list of forty different ways that we can innovate. When we start to combine them, we can come with thousands of potential ways to structure our innovation process. Innovating the way we innovate is a huge opportunity.

Xiameter Case Study: Adding Business Model Innovation


We often think that it’s particularly hard for big, established firms to innovate. Yes, there are obstacles. And yet, many manage to innovate, and to do so very effectively. Dow Corning and their business model innovation in launching Xiameter is a good case study of an innovative big firm.