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Here is Why Business Model Innovation is Powerful

About 20% of firms based their pricing on real data from their customers. This is mind-boggling – and it present a huge opportunity. Business model innovation is challenging, but that’s why it provides such a great opportunity.

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Food, Connection & Innovation

The startup Thumbtack hired a full-time chef a few years ago, and it transformed their business. It’s a great story of unintended business model innovation that we can learn from.

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Here is Why You Need Business Model Innovation

Business model innovation is relatively easy to do when you’re a startup. But it’s also a really important skill for established firms to build. In this post I discuss why, and how to approach it effectively.

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There Must Be Forty Ways to Innovate

Here’s a list of forty different ways that we can innovate. When we start to combine them, we can come with thousands of potential ways to structure our innovation process. Innovating the way we innovate is a huge opportunity.

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Innovation Big & Small

Can big organisations innovate? Of course they can. This is actually an uninteresting question. It’s more valuable to figure out how to best innovate given your circumstances – whether you’re big or small.

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Xiameter Case Study: Adding Business Model Innovation

We often think that it’s particularly hard for big, established firms to innovate. Yes, there are obstacles. And yet, many manage to innovate, and to do so very effectively. Dow Corning and their business model innovation in launching Xiameter is a good case study of an innovative big firm.

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Why Lean Startups Turn Into Innovative Firms

One of the exciting trends in innovation right now is the lean startup idea.  The basic premise is that when ventures are starting out, building a scalable business model needs to be a top priority.  People like Steve Blank, Eric Reis, Ash Maurya and Alex Osterwalder are all doing great work in this area. I’m […]

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