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The Innovation Loop

The Innovation Loop

Here is a simple process that will help you innovate more effectively.

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We Love Chaos

I Have a Great Idea – Now What? Startup Edition

I often have people ask me what they should do with a great idea they have for a business. Here is a list of questions to work through, and resources to help you.

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Hacking Innovation

The Brisbane Innovation Network took a field trip to visit HackerSpace Brisbane today. We can learn a lot about how to innovate by watching how things work in these collaborative invention labs.

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Here is Why Business Model Innovation is Powerful

About 20% of firms based their pricing on real data from their customers. This is mind-boggling – and it present a huge opportunity. Business model innovation is challenging, but that’s why it provides such a great opportunity.

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Food, Connection & Innovation

The startup Thumbtack hired a full-time chef a few years ago, and it transformed their business. It’s a great story of unintended business model innovation that we can learn from.

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Here is Why You Need Business Model Innovation

Business model innovation is relatively easy to do when you’re a startup. But it’s also a really important skill for established firms to build. In this post I discuss why, and how to approach it effectively.

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Do You Really Know What Business You’re In?

In 1993 you needed a phone, a laptop, a camcorder, a palm pilot, a watch, a walkman and a pager to do most of what you can do today with your smartphone. That’s amazing, and there are some important innovation lessons that follow from this.

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Innovation Matrix 4.0 – Now With More @Nilofer

The Innovation Matrix is back, and now I’m collaborating on it with Nilofer Merchant! Here is a sneak peek at some of the work that we’re doing.

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Here’s Why Many Innovation Initiatives Fail

Wouldn’t it be great if you could do customer service like Zappos?  Or design like Apple? Or innovation like 3M? Who wouldn’t want to be like those firms? Well, it’s not so simple. Barry Dalton wrote an excellent post called You Can’t Be Zappos (and why would you want to be?) addressing exactly this issue. […]

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The Four Stages of Responding to Disruptive Innovation

How should respond to potentially disruptive innovations? If the first response is ridicule, followed by aggression and bargaining, then you could be in trouble.

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Xiameter Case Study: Adding Business Model Innovation

We often think that it’s particularly hard for big, established firms to innovate. Yes, there are obstacles. And yet, many manage to innovate, and to do so very effectively. Dow Corning and their business model innovation in launching Xiameter is a good case study of an innovative big firm.

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Where Does Innovation Fit in Your Business Model?

If you are using a tool like the Business Model Canvas, where does innovation fit? The answer depends on your strategy. I use The Innovation Matrix to outline several different strategies, and how the business models for these will be different.

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