We’ve Hit Peak Innovation (Hype)

Hype and Value

The hype around innovation right now seems overwhelming. Does this mean that we’ve hit Peak Innovation? No – we’ve hit Peak Innovation Hype. To avoid the hype, we need to understand what is already known about the substance of innovation.

The Innovator’s Hypothesis: Michael Schrage Tells Us How to Take the First Step


“The Googles, Amazons, Apples, Netflixes, and Capital Ones … don’t insist on performing lots of interesting experiments because they’re rich; they’re rich because they insist on performing lots of interesting experiments.”

My Thoughts on Silicon Valley + blog under construction


The blog will be under construction this weekend as I work with Todd Lohenry from e1evation to upgrade the site. Todd does fantastic work, and I recommend him highly. In the meantime, the latest online update to the UQ Business School’s Momentum magazine includes an interview with my discussing my thoughts about my recent trip […]

Mistakes versus Experiments

One of the reasons that people try to avoid failing is that it seems like they’ve screwed up if they fail. This can certainly be the case, if your failure is major. But if you set up experiments to test ideas out, and you learn from them, then failing can be very productive. Here is […]