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Value Proposition Canvas

We Don’t Care About Your Features (Create Value Instead)

I’ve seen a lot of startup pitches recently, and it seems like founders are obsessed with features. I don’t care about your features. Tell me how you’re going to create value instead. Here is how to think about that.

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Three Steps for Social Media Success

What social networks do you have to be on to succeed? Whichever ones fit your strengths. Here’s how to think about this question a bit more strategically.

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Five Thinkers That I Admire

One of the key drivers of innovation is connecting ideas in novel ways. To get really good ideas it’s useful to explore widely. Encountering great thinkers is one great way to spur this process. Here are five that have influenced me recently.

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Sticky Innovation

A medical emergency for my cat Wallace leads to surprising discoveries about a common household product, which teach some useful innovation lessons.

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In Which We Discover the Secret to Social Success

What tools do you need to use to be successful in the social era? The fact is that the tools don’t matter. The two keys to success are: do awesome work, and connect with people.

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Are You Ready for the #SocialEra?

What are the implications of the new ways that technology allows people to connect and interact? Nilofer Merchant explores this in her book 11 Rules for Creating Value in the #SocialEra – it’s a good book with some important lessons.

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