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Where Others See Only Barriers, Innovators See Opportunities

What are your barriers to business success? A study from my colleagues shows that innovators don’t see barriers. Instead, they use obstacles to spur innovations that help them outpace the competition.

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The Void

Writers Write, and Innovators Innovate

Should “innovation” only be used to refer to big, world-changing ideas? No. This is actually a dangerous approach to innovating. The biggest hurdle is actually getting started – it’s more important to put effort into that.

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Why Experimenting Builds an Innovation Culture – Interview with DK

DK interviewed me for a podcast last week – this bit on how to use experimenting build your innovation culture is my favourite part from it.

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The Innovation Loop

The Innovation Loop

Here is a simple process that will help you innovate more effectively.

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The Discipline of Innovation

Five Questions that Will Help You Build an Innovation Culture

How do we innovate in a risk-averse culture? By realising that a culture is something that we create ourselves, through our interactions with people daily. When we change the way we act, we start to change out culture.

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tick marks

Ideas Change Lives: How Tom Peters’ Changed Mine

When I started a new job in New Zealand in 1997, reading Thriving on Chaos by Tom Peters changed my life. Here’s the story…

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Build Measure Learn

How to Use Experiments to Build an Innovation Culture

We learn through trial and error. That’s how everyone figures out how to ride a bike. We need to use trial and error more in business – it is a core tool for building an innovation culture.

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Best practice

You Can’t Benchmark Your Way to Greatness

Many organisations try to increase innovation by copying the successful techniques of other firms. This rarely works. Instead, you need to develop your purpose first. It’s this underlying philosophy that drives success, not tools.

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The Discipline of Innovation

My goal here is to help people that are trying to build a better world. I want to help make work more interesting. I hope that we can work together to do that. This is why we need to think of innovation as a discipline.

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The Unknown Knowns of Innovation

We know how to make organisations more innovative, but we don’t act on this knowledge. Why? Sometimes it’s because it’s hard, which isn’t a very good excuse.

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Hacking Innovation

The Brisbane Innovation Network took a field trip to visit HackerSpace Brisbane today. We can learn a lot about how to innovate by watching how things work in these collaborative invention labs.

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Are Creativity, Entrepreneurship & Innovation the Same Thing?

There’s a difference between having a great idea, and creating value with that idea. Creativity, entrepreneurship and innovation are all words that are used to describe the value creation part of the equation. So do they mean the same thing?

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