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Where Others See Only Barriers, Innovators See Opportunities

What are your barriers to business success? A study from my colleagues shows that innovators don’t see barriers. Instead, they use obstacles to spur innovations that help them outpace the competition.

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Why Experimenting Builds an Innovation Culture – Interview with DK

DK interviewed me for a podcast last week – this bit on how to use experimenting build your innovation culture is my favourite part from it.

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The Discipline of Innovation

Five Questions that Will Help You Build an Innovation Culture

How do we innovate in a risk-averse culture? By realising that a culture is something that we create ourselves, through our interactions with people daily. When we change the way we act, we start to change out culture.

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The Discipline of Innovation

My goal here is to help people that are trying to build a better world. I want to help make work more interesting. I hope that we can work together to do that. This is why we need to think of innovation as a discipline.

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The Unknown Knowns of Innovation

We know how to make organisations more innovative, but we don’t act on this knowledge. Why? Sometimes it’s because it’s hard, which isn’t a very good excuse.

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Innovation and Serendipity

This post was first published at Integrative Innovation.   In a previous post, I have pointed out the importance of diversity for innovation and organizational adaptability. Diversity is a crucial precursor to serendipity. In the Power of Pull, John Hagel, John Seely Brown and Lang Davison emphasize the rising need for serendipity: We need to […]

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20 Things Good Managers Know About Innovation

People often think that innovation is a black box, but here are 20 things that we know are true about innovation.

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There’s No Innovation Without Uncertainty

Frederick Douglass said “Those who profess to favor freedom and yet deprecate agitation are men who want crops without plowing up the ground…” He was talking about political reform, but this is also true of innovation as well.

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Three Obstacles to Innovation Diffusion

People often think that having a great idea is the hard part of innovating. Most of the time, this isn’t the problem. Getting the new idea to spread is.

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A Seven Step Program for Innovating RIGHT NOW!

Innovation is a powerful tool, and it’s in your hands. Here are some ideas for using it now.

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Innovation for Growth

Why all this talk about innovation?  I get that question a lot. The reason that I think innovation is important is that it is the driver for growth.  Consequently, we’re changing the name of the blog to Innovation for Growth. Here are some of the reasons that I think it’s important to link innovation with […]

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How to Manage Innovation as a Process

The Innovation Value Chain is a great tool to use to help you manage innovation as a process. This post uses a small case study to show how to use it.

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