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One Does Not Just Walk in to Mordor

Making Your Own Space for Creativity

Creating space in your head for creativity is an important part of innovation – I hope that these resources will help you clear that space, and do great work!

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Sacha Chua on Blogging

You Should Start a Blog Right Now

You should start a blog right now. It will help both you and others learn, and it will help you build a skill.

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10 years of mobile phones

To Innovate, Amplify Weak Signals

When we try something completely new, people often want to see proof that it will work. Of course, there is no proof if the idea is genuinely new. Instead of proof, we have to rely on weak signals. Successful innovators find these and amplify them.

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Three Steps for Social Media Success

What social networks do you have to be on to succeed? Whichever ones fit your strengths. Here’s how to think about this question a bit more strategically.

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Five Thinkers That I Admire

One of the key drivers of innovation is connecting ideas in novel ways. To get really good ideas it’s useful to explore widely. Encountering great thinkers is one great way to spur this process. Here are five that have influenced me recently.

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Innovation Matrix 4.0 – Now With More @Nilofer

The Innovation Matrix is back, and now I’m collaborating on it with Nilofer Merchant! Here is a sneak peek at some of the work that we’re doing.

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A Seven Step Program for Innovating RIGHT NOW!

Innovation is a powerful tool, and it’s in your hands. Here are some ideas for using it now.

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In Which We Discover the Secret to Social Success

What tools do you need to use to be successful in the social era? The fact is that the tools don’t matter. The two keys to success are: do awesome work, and connect with people.

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Why You Need to Be Vulnerable to Innovate

How many great ideas get killed because we’re scared to put them out in the world? We need to be vulnerable to innovate – Brené Brown’s book Daring Greatly gives some insights into how to do this.

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Change Your Frame of Reference for Better Innovation

What we can accomplish is enabled by how we view the world. It’s also constrained by how we view the world. Figuring out how to change our frame of view is a powerful innovation tool.

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Are You Ready for the #SocialEra?

What are the implications of the new ways that technology allows people to connect and interact? Nilofer Merchant explores this in her book 11 Rules for Creating Value in the #SocialEra – it’s a good book with some important lessons.

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