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The Void

Writers Write, and Innovators Innovate

Should “innovation” only be used to refer to big, world-changing ideas? No. This is actually a dangerous approach to innovating. The biggest hurdle is actually getting started – it’s more important to put effort into that.

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Construction Drone

When Should We Adopt a New Idea?

When new ideas arrive, it might be easy to see that they will eventually win. But when should you adopt these ideas? It’s a hard question to answer.

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HNT Gordon Block Plane

New Markets Need New Tools

When markets change, we often try to keep using the same tools that we’ve always used, in the same way. This will lead to failure. We need to innovate the tools we use, or innovate the business model around the old tools.

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How to Succeed in a TL;DR Culture

TL;DR – when attention spans get shorter, we can either accommodate this by going short ourselves, or we can do the opposite and go deep.

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This Might Not Work

This Might Not Work

The most important phrase in innovation is “this might not work.” If there isn’t a risk, we’re not innovating.

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The Unknown Knowns of Innovation

We know how to make organisations more innovative, but we don’t act on this knowledge. Why? Sometimes it’s because it’s hard, which isn’t a very good excuse.

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There’s No Substitute for Doing the Work

People are often looking for a quick way to become more innovative. The problem is that there are no quick fixes. Overcoming the obstacles to innovation is one good way of knowing that you’re on the right track, but it takes time.

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Innovation Happens in the Gaps

Organisations that are just starting out at innovating often go out and immediately buy expensive tools. This is a mistake – they don’t know enough to innovate effectively yet. Here are some thoughts about how to work around that problem.

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Reading This Post Will Change Your Brain!

Using the internet changes your brain. So does drinking a cup of tea. The big question is what actions do these changes enable? I want us to use the ideas here to make work work better.

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