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Living With Fear

Often we feel that we can’t do something new until we’ve conquered our fears first. The problem is that we never conquer fear – the best we can do is learn to live with it. So how do we get important stuff done?

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What Do You Stand For?

Despite what we keep hearing, physical retail isn’t dead. The key to thriving is by standing for something – having a purpose.

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One Does Not Just Walk in to Mordor

Making Your Own Space for Creativity

Creating space in your head for creativity is an important part of innovation – I hope that these resources will help you clear that space, and do great work!

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Can Big Firms Pivot?

Can large firms pivot? There are examples of firms that have, but not a lot of them. It’s a challenging process in the best of times, but they often try to do it in a crisis, which is even tougher. Your best strategy is to start experimenting now.

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subduction zone

We’re Not Risk-Averse, We’re Variance-Averse

When people say that their organisations are risk-averse, often they actually mean that they are variance-averse. This causes problems over the long-term, but experimenting and innovation can help you avoid these problems.

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Sacha Chua on Blogging

You Should Start a Blog Right Now

You should start a blog right now. It will help both you and others learn, and it will help you build a skill.

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Show Your Work

Ask Better Questions, Do More Stuff, and Think About Maps?

The innovation posts that caught my attention this week highlight the importance of asking better questions, and using an experimental approach to improve our innovation skills.

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The Void

Writers Write, and Innovators Innovate

Should “innovation” only be used to refer to big, world-changing ideas? No. This is actually a dangerous approach to innovating. The biggest hurdle is actually getting started – it’s more important to put effort into that.

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Why Experimenting Builds an Innovation Culture – Interview with DK

DK interviewed me for a podcast last week – this bit on how to use experimenting build your innovation culture is my favourite part from it.

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