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thoughts on leadership

I was talking with my colleague Jay Weerawardena today about leadership. We agreed that an important aspect of leadership is inspiring people, but also putting people into a position to succeed. That idea fit in very well with Itay Talgam’s TED talk, which was posted: There are many useful points made in this talk, but […]

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what happened to Argentina?

Edward Glaeser has written a couple of posts over the past week looking at Argentina on the Economix blog for the NYT. It’s an interesting topic. Argentina was a wealthy country at the start of the 20th century, but by almost every conceivable ecnomic measure available, it is much worse off now than it was […]

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Cory Doctorow’s great experiment

We already know that giving stuff away can be an important part of building an effective revenue generation mechanism – and it seems to work quite well in publishing in particular (even academic publishing!). Two of the strongest proponents for giving away some version of work for free are Seth Godin and Cory Doctorow, and […]

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the three stages of innovation strategy

Here are the slides + audio for the talk that John gave today at the Brisbane Innovation Network meeting: The Three Stages Of Innovation Strategy View more presentations from Tim Kastelle. There were a few key points that John made. The one that really jumped out for me was the issue of time. This process […]

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invention is not innovation

Here’s an invention of John Muir’s: The image is via the Sierra Club’s blog – and they describe it as a study desk that “would automatically light his lamp and fire, open the right book to study, and then change books after half an hour.” As an object, it’s ingeniusly clever. I was always aware […]

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data visualisation innovation

Here’s a really nice piece of data visualisation from Dave McCandless: It’s interesting for a few reasons. First, it’s an innovative and very good approach to data visualisation. Second, Gardasil is the poster child here at UQ for the successful commercialisation of academic research – it is often used as an example in classes here […]

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news business model summary

I just made a new page with links to some of the posts we’ve had here that people have seemed to like. It’s there for people that are new to the blog to get a feel for some of the topics that we cover here, but also as a pointer to some of the more […]

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innovating with constraints

I’ve been giving further thought to the issue of public sector innovation which I discussed briefly last week. John and I do a lot of work with people in the public sector as that makes up a fairly big part of Brisbane’s economy, and I know that people often find it difficult to be innovative […]

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the shortest, best case for financial innovation

From Steven Randy Waldman – the shortest, best case for financial innovation. And when you get right down to it, that is the best case for all innovation – profound dissatisfaction with the current state of affairs.

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strategies for getting ideas to spread

Here’s our friend Andrew Stephen on getting ideas to spread through viral marketing: Everyone talks about how they need their ideas to go viral, and Andrew has a some excellent data on how to actually get this to happen. The key points – do something that is interesting enough that people actually want to talk […]

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