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Engaging with people that are entrepreneurs, or involved in managing innovation is one of our top priorities. Trying to help people doing these things is one of the objectives with this blog. However, you may find that the material here isn’t specific enough to solve a problem that’s important to you.

We primarily try to build deep, long-term relationships with a relatively small number of organisations. The reason for this is that in our experience, this is the best way to effectively transfer what we know to people in a way that will have a positive impact on performance. If you would like to work with us more directly, there are four ways to do so: speaking, teaching, research and consulting. These represent varying levels of involvement and knowledge sharing, and with many of our key partners we end up doing all of them.

Speaking: Both of us regularly give public talks and keynote speeches on topics related to innovation and strategy. If you need a speaker on anything relating to these topics for an event, please let us know.

Teaching: we regularly teach executive education courses on Strategy in Practice, and Managing Innovation. Keep an eye on the “Upcoming Events” box in the toolbar on the right for information on these courses. They are good ways to get an introduction to these topics, and to develop a language around strategy and innovation that you can spread within your organisation. We can also develop customised training for teaching within your organisation as well.

Research: Right now, most of our research is focused on innovation networks in project-based firms. We are trying to learn about different structures within knowledge-sharing and communication networks and the impact that these structures have on innovation and performance. We are currently working with a number of companies in several locations and in a number of countries to gather data. We are also starting to work on developing future projects where we will extend what we learn in this project. So if you are interested in learning more about how the networks within your organisation influence innovation, get in touch.

Consulting: If there is a specific strategy or innovation problem within your organisation, we can also work with you on a consulting basis. We have experience on projects in the areas of: innovation audits, merger and acquisition strategy, digital innovation strategy development, innovation network surveys and innovation project reviews.

If you think that we can help your organisation, we would love to hear more about your situation. The best contact method in all cases is email: t.kastelle at

Our corporate partners include: Rio Tinto Coal Australia, Queensland Health, Hatch Engineering, Brisbane City Council, Teys Australia, GHD Engineering, GroundProbe, Laing O’Rourke, CSIRO, Fairfax, Meat and Livestock Australia, Deloitte and QMI Solutions.

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  2. Latest Ecology and Society journal contains article of interest (perhaps?)

    Complex challenges demand complex solutions. By their very nature, these problems are difficult to define and are often the result of rigid social structures that effectively act as “traps”. However, resilience theory and the adaptive cycle can serve as a useful framework for understanding how humans may move beyond these traps and towards the social innovation that is required to address many complex problems. This paper explores the critical question of whether networks help facilitate innovations to bridge the seemingly insurmountable chasms of complex problems to create change across scales, thereby increasing resilience. The argument is made that research has not yet adequately articulated the strategic agency that must be present within the network in order for cross scale interactions to occur. By examining institutional entrepreneurship through case studies and examples, this paper proposes that agency within networks requires specific skills from entrepreneurs, including ones that enable pattern generation, relationship building and brokering, knowledge and resource brokering, and network recharging. Ultimately, this begins to build a more complete understanding of how networks may improve human capacity to respond to complex problems and heighten overall resilience.

    Key words: agency; complexity; cross scale; network theory; resilience; scale; skill sets; social entrepreneurship; social innovation; social networks