Integrative Innovation


This post was first published as opening post to my new blog, titled Integrative Innovation.   Some people I’ve been collaborating with have recently encouraged me to open up an own blog. After having given it some thought, I decided to do so. I’m launching a new site and platform titled “Integrative Innovation” to share ideas […]

The Attacker’s Dilemma

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The Bing It One challenge would have been a great tool in 1998. Unfortunately, now that Google dominates search, an improved algorithm isn’t enough to get people to switch. This is the Attacker’s Dilemma: unless you bring a major performance improvement, there is no point in directly attacking a strong incumbent in their area of strength.

Why the Future of Innovation is Open

As outlined in my previous post, sustainable innovation requires evolution and revolution. Over the long term, organizations need to be capable of both moving along existing growth trajectories and creating new ones when the old business matures or stalls. This can be depicted as recurring movement along innovation s-curves. In the case of a new […]

You Are Not a Special Snowflake & Other Innovation Obstacles

I’m teaching exec ed this week, which is always a lot of fun. During one of the breaks today, one of the people in the class said to me “This has been really valuable to me because it reinforces that I’m not the only one with these problems.” A very important point, which made me […]

How Much Innovation is Enough? The Innovation Matrix

Note: This is part of a series of posts explaining the individual parts of The Innovation Matrix. See this post for a description of the full model and what can be done with it. Fit for Purpose and World Class Innovators In a perfect world, as firms increase their Innovation Competence, their Innovation Commitment, should […]

Thoughts on Spreading Ideas Well

You are responsible for getting your ideas to spread. How can you do this more effectively? The first step is to connect ideas creatively – this is the fundamental creative act in innovation. Here are some thoughts on this from Noam Chomsky, discussing the role of education in an excellent post from Maria Popova: You […]