lotsalinks saturday!


Here’s another twist on the business models for artists meme. A. Koford has been drawing a fantastic web cartoon featuring the Laugh Out Loud Cats, two cats that look like depression-era hobo comics characters, but who speak LOLcat. It sounds screwy, but works beautifully. Check out the site – All of the comics are freely available through it. But in addition to the free versions, there are two revenue generators too. First, you can buy the book (which I recommend!). Second, you can buy one of the original drawings. It looks like that offer has closed for now, so I’m glad I got in when I did! Mine arrived yesterday…

Second, an interesting looking video about the open participation movement. Includes clips of Don Tapscott and Clay Shirky. I’ll probably report back more fully once I’ve had a chance to finish watching it…

Finally, boing boing has this short post describing a re-imagining of the war-era ‘keep calm don’t panic’ poster.


That’s probably the perfect image for yesterday’s post about executing ideas!

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