the three stages of innovation strategy

Here are the slides + audio for the talk that John gave today at the Brisbane Innovation Network meeting:

There were a few key points that John made. The one that really jumped out for me was the issue of time. This process is one that we have observed in the firms that we work with (but it’s not one that we’ve tested empirically yet). It takes time for firms to go through this evolutionary process, and that is a big reason for the time it takes to actually embed innovation within a firm.

It’s also a good chance to hear John expand his thoughts on the importance of strategy, not planning. The main point of the talk is that firms that innovate effectively have innovation and strategy tightly linked.

Note: the usual caveat applies for these slideshare audio talks – they don’t play well with older versions of flash. So if John sounds like Jabba the Hut, you need to upgrade your flash player.

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  1. Someone should innovate with the media player on this page. If you try to jump around in the presentation you lose sync between the audio and graphics. I got interrupted half way through viewing and am now unable to quickly return to the talk, which means I probably won’t ever finish listening to this talk.

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