the future is in filtering

Yesterday we had evidence of the importance of connecting, and today we’ve got some for filtering. Dominic Basulto points to a great graphic commissioned by Wired magazine and made by Density Design on his terrific Endless Innovation blog. Here’s the small unreadable version:


And you can see the full version here.

The map is based on scenarios created by the Institute for the Future in Palo Alto. The thing that jumped out at me is that in the economics section, one of the trends that they predict to become more important is ‘filters as brands’. The examples in the drawing our Amazon and Google, and it just emphasises one of the points that I keep making: one of the best ways to make money in the digital economy is to be a good filter. Time to start thinking about how you can do that effectively in your industry.

Balance Network has broken the map down into sections – here is their version of the economics part:

One potentially alarming part there (for me at least!) is the ‘academic recognition/reward crisis’, which just happens to be the topic of a talk I’m giving later today…

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