Focus on Building Things

Ryan Freitas recently wrote a post called 35 Lessons in 35 Years – there are some good tips here. One that particularly caught my eye is this one:

Debates over terminology and semantics are for archivists and academics. If you’re interested in the living heart of what you do, focus on building things rather than talking about them.

We often think that innovation is all about new stuff, but I think that Freitas’ advice is sound – our innovation will be more successful if we focus on building. That’s part of why we talk so much about the importance of having a bias towards action.

Personally, I’m trying to build a network of people that use innovation to make both work and the world a better place – my hope is that through my work I can contribute to that.

What are you building?

Watercube under construction - interior - 2007-1-24 (4)

(the Watercube under construction – picture from flickr/xiaming under a Creative Commons License)

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2 thoughts on “Focus on Building Things

  1. What am I building? Something very similar, methinks.

    As I begin typing out this comment, I’ve been on your site a total of maybe 180 seconds in total. First I’ve ever heard of it, but if you’re passionate about building community – about bringing people together irrespective of geography or pursuit in order to realize better lives through collaboration – then we are headed in the same direction, sir.

    Chalk up another subscriber. I’m interested to see where things go and how you’re getting there.


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