Innovation for Growth


Why all this talk about innovation?  I get that question a lot. The reason that I think innovation is important is that it is the driver for growth.  Consequently, we’re changing the name of the blog to Innovation for Growth. Here are some of the reasons that I think it’s important to link innovation with […]

Your Brand is What You Do


Here’s the story of one the dumbest decisions I ever made as a marketer. I was managing sales & marketing for a software startup at the time.  We were part of a group that included a retail & wholesale computer store as well. The thing that set the retail store apart was that we made […]

Here’s Why Many Innovation Initiatives Fail


Wouldn’t it be great if you could do customer service like Zappos?  Or design like Apple? Or innovation like 3M? Who wouldn’t want to be like those firms? Well, it’s not so simple. Barry Dalton wrote an excellent post called You Can’t Be Zappos (and why would you want to be?) addressing exactly this issue. […]

What Will Make Nate Silver Blow Up? Political Innovation


The emergence of the poll aggregators, especially Nate Silver, was one of the stories of the election for me. While these methods are a huge advance, there are still ways that they can fail. The key cause might be political innovation.