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The Secret is That There is No Secret

Here’s the secret to innovation: there are no secrets. The only way to get better at innovating is to do the work – get better at experimenting.

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Can Big Firms Pivot?

Can large firms pivot? There are examples of firms that have, but not a lot of them. It’s a challenging process in the best of times, but they often try to do it in a crisis, which is even tougher. Your best strategy is to start experimenting now.

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The Void

Writers Write, and Innovators Innovate

Should “innovation” only be used to refer to big, world-changing ideas? No. This is actually a dangerous approach to innovating. The biggest hurdle is actually getting started – it’s more important to put effort into that.

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Why Experimenting Builds an Innovation Culture – Interview with DK

DK interviewed me for a podcast last week – this bit on how to use experimenting build your innovation culture is my favourite part from it.

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The Innovation Loop

The Innovation Loop

Here is a simple process that will help you innovate more effectively.

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Lessons From My Latest Big Mistake

Mistakes are fine, as long as we learn from them. Here is what I learned from one of my recent ones – about, ironically, a friend of mine that teaches us how to think better!

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Innovation: Are You a Gardener or an Architect?

George R.R. Martin describes two kinds of writers: architects (who plan) and gardeners (who see what emerges). These ideas apply to innovators too. However, instead of embracing one approach over the other, we need to build the skills require to integrate them.

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tick marks

Ideas Change Lives: How Tom Peters’ Changed Mine

When I started a new job in New Zealand in 1997, reading Thriving on Chaos by Tom Peters changed my life. Here’s the story…

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Beckett failure quote

Failure is Always an Option

We all want to avoid big, expensive failures. The best way to do this is to design many small, cheap failures – experiments!

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the next google

How I Almost Blew My Big Chance by Forgetting Everything I Know About Innovation

I just started writing for Harvard Business Review Blogs. Here is the story of how I almost blew that opportunity, and how I finally made it work by doing what I already know works: experimenting.

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Build Measure Learn

How to Use Experiments to Build an Innovation Culture

We learn through trial and error. That’s how everyone figures out how to ride a bike. We need to use trial and error more in business – it is a core tool for building an innovation culture.

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We Love Chaos

I Have a Great Idea – Now What? Startup Edition

I often have people ask me what they should do with a great idea they have for a business. Here is a list of questions to work through, and resources to help you.

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