Zappos Just Pulled Off the Boldest Change Management Move Ever

Corporate Change

Zappos is undertaking a fascinating experiment in change management. It’s important to evaluate this separately from the experiment with the management structure Holacracy that they are trying at the same time.

Here’s Why Many Innovation Initiatives Fail


Wouldn’t it be great if you could do customer service like Zappos?  Or design like Apple? Or innovation like 3M? Who wouldn’t want to be like those firms? Well, it’s not so simple. Barry Dalton wrote an excellent post called You Can’t Be Zappos (and why would you want to be?) addressing exactly this issue. […]

Don’t Be an Innovation Gnome!


There is often a gap between what we do daily and our long-term objectives. This gap can kill strategy, and it can kill innovation. We apply some lessons from South Park to figure out how to successfully bridge this gap.