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What If We’re Thinking About Organisations All Wrong?

What happens if we think of our organisations as idea-processing networks instead of widget-producing machines? To start with, everything changes…

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Things Don’t Always Go According to Plan

Things don’t always go the way we plan – and if we’re innovating, we shouldn’t expect them to. Here are some ideas for coping with this.

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Innovation Begins Here

Tools for Unlocking Innovation

This week’s collection of the best innovation posts includes ideas on open innovation, purpose, hiring the best people, and the theremin.

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Where Others See Only Barriers, Innovators See Opportunities

What are your barriers to business success? A study from my colleagues shows that innovators don’t see barriers. Instead, they use obstacles to spur innovations that help them outpace the competition.

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Improve Your Personal Innovation Skills

Here’s this week’s collection of great links. The organising theme this time is how to become more personally creative and innovative.

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The Difference Between Good and Great

The way to win is to be extremely good at the jobs that are diabolically hard – figure out how to do that, and you’ll do ok.

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3 Parts to Innovation

3 Innovation Triggers: Fear, Fantasy & Frustration

To innovate, we need three things: a great idea, that creates value for people, made real. If we only have two out of the three, then we have an innovation trigger: fear, fantasy or frustration.

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Culture and Innovation

The culture in our firms has a big influence on how innovative we are. Two ways to change the culture are to go with a flatter organisational hierarchy, and to examine the assumptions that underlie our culture.

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Who Invented the Computer?

Do you know who invented the computer? Most people don’t – I’m not even sure that there is an answer to that question. The fact that we don’t know tells us a lot about how innovation actually works.

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The Secret is That There is No Secret

Here’s the secret to innovation: there are no secrets. The only way to get better at innovating is to do the work – get better at experimenting.

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