What is an Innovation Culture?

Here are the slides + audio from the talk I gave this morning for the UQ Centre for Educational Innovation and Technology‘s planning day. One of the things that they were working on was thinking about what they want their innovation culture to be, so Phil asked me along to give some thoughts on that. I’m not sure how close my talk was to what he wanted, but I gave it a go. It’s too bad I didn’t record the Q&A at the end, because some really good ideas came up during that too. They’re a really bright group and I’m looking forward to seeing what they’re able to do.

Even though slideshare says that this runs for over an hour, the talk is just 18 minutes.

As usual, if I sound like Jabba the Hut, you have to upgrade your flash player – slideshare doesn’t play well with older versions.

Also, I’ve added an index page with links to all of the talks that we’ve put up. There are a couple more (with video) coming soon!

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