Why Should You Read The Discipline of Innovation Blog?

We need to make work better.  Right now, too many people are in jobs that don’t make a difference.  Innovation is about executing new ideas to create value – and if we use it correctly, it can be a force for positive change.

Our mission is to help you create value wherever you work.  We want you to make work better through innovation.  We will give you ideas and tips for doing this based on experience, observation and research.

We can do this by giving you ideas, but the value of ideas that aren’t executed is $0.  So you’ll have to put some work in to get full value from the blog.   But it’s worth it – if you act on your ideas you will build skills, create opportunities for yourself and your organisation, and make work better.

The Discipline of Innovation


Why is it called The Discipline of Innovation, and what’s with that logo?

Who Should Read The Discipline of Innovation Blog?

The blog is aimed at people that want to make a difference – that want to make work better.  That means that you can be at any level, from front-line person to CEO.  And your organisation can be in any industry, for profit, not-for-profit, big or small.

Who Will Hate The Discipline of Innovation Blog?

There is no magic shortcut to creating an innovative culture.  If that’s what you’re looking for here, you will be disappointed.  There are no magical solutions, or lists of 10 easy things to do to innovate.  Just sound, actionable ideas that require some work.

Our enemies are the people that make work miserable – those that kill ideas and initiative, and those that are just interested in what they can get for themselves.

Who Are We?

Tim Kastelle – Idea Connector – Studies innovation networks – author, speaker & consultant on innovation – University of Queensland Business School – links to academic papers, twitter, and so on can be found here.  See all his posts here.
John Steen – studies strategy at the UQ Business School.  He knows strategy, networks and innovation really well.  See all his posts here.
Ralph-Christian Ohr – Experienced innovation, technology and product management professional. Looking at the intersection of organizational and personal innovation capabilities. Integrative thinker. Boundary spanner. Author of the Integrative Innovation blog. You can follow him on Twitter @ralph_ohr.  See all his posts here.
Kevin Hendry – Dr. Kevin Hendry is an Industry Fellow with the UQ Business School and a strategy consultant. He spent 20 years with Monsanto where he was Vice President & Managing Director Asia Pacific for the Nutrition & Consumer Products business unit. His PhD focused on the role played by boards of directors in strategy, especially their collaboration with management.  See all his posts here.

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